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Thank you Aunt Linda & Oncle Michel! June 11, 2008

Posted by solangek in Gracias! Merci! Thank you!.
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I can’t write about them separately. They are always together – at least when I see them, and even though I have spent a lot of time with them over the years, it never seems like enough. I always feel like I don’t quite know them.

They are creative, artistic people who enjoy eating good food as much as preparing it. Aunt Linda even sells pies at the farmer’s market, and they are definitely worth buying! She is so proud of her pie crusts… and rightfully so. But you know, they are so smart and curious, as they entertain interests in aviation, medicine, computers, web site design, mechanics, animal rights and protection, volunteering, leather working, wood turning and carpentry, cooking, baking, painting and drawing, helping their neighbours, crafts… you name it. Aunt Linda has worked with Saint John’s Ambulance, the SPCA and the local food bank. Oncle Michel is always being creative at his wood turning shop, and he is so talented (http://www.toymakersite.com/).

What I can’t quite put my finger on is why these wonderful people, who are so productive and spend their time doing so many positive things, always look tired and slightly bitter. I love them like crazy, and I know that they have many health and money problems… but as a couple they exude a feeling that the world is against them, which contradicts their acts. Their home has the same sad vibe, a direct reflexion, or perhaps expression, of this feeling about their place in the world. They might say that they simply have too many things (due to the scope of their interests) and too little space; nevertheless, I must insist that there must be way to organize and store their things. And after so many years, surely they might have been able to beautify their living space if they had had the interest to do so. This must be, if my interpretation is correct, a lack of self-love. It is simply what I feel when I visit and not based on any intellectual conclusions.

Who knows why this is so? They have never opened up about it to me, and I haven’t tried very hard to probe. It seems that our niece-aunt-uncle relationship doesn’t lend itself very well to confiding, and which is a shame. I would like so much to change that, and be able to take our relationship to a more adult level, which of course will be up to me, the niece. I’ll have to call them…

In the meantime, I just love them very, very much and hope that they know how much they mean to me, and how highly I think of them: they are definitely good examples of decent humans who walk their talk. They make the world a better place every day.



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