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Sketch: Ottawa rush hour on a bicycle June 5, 2008

Posted by solangek in Levez les yeux!.
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Surrounded by chaotic five o’clock traffic, I pedal as fast as I can to get through the next intersection before the light turns red. Grabbing my brakes, I screech to a complete stop, even lifting my rear tire off the pavement a little when the lights win my private little race.

Suddenly, everything is quiet.

Without any through traffic and in the shade of a tall office building, I feel like I am in a dream: sounds mute and the sunlight seems far away at the edge of the building’s shadow. A few pedestrians cross the street in front of me, from right to left, from the sunlight into the shade, but nobody is talking. How odd.

As their crossing signal starts to flash, a mailman jogs across the intersection with a large mail bag in his right hand. His running seems to be in slow-motion. That bag looks awfully heavy. It is big enough to be Santa’s bag of toys. The veins on his right forearm, which is noticeably bigger than his left, look like part of an industrial irrigation system. I wonder how long he has been a postman.

I look up at the street light again, waiting for the green light. Go! I kick off excitedly in order to gain enough momentum to change into a harder gear.

At the next red light, I grab my brakes again. This time the cars and I are in the sunlight, with a squat old stone church on our right and flowering bushes nearby which smell sweet and strong. I breathe deeply to enjoy the smell.

A young lady crosses the street in front of me, wearing black leggings and a long bright green top. She is slim and blonde, but I don’t see her face. The tight blouse has a wide band of stretchy lace at the bottom, which comes down to the middle of her bum accentuating her feminine gait (her high heels help, too). Like a pendulum, her bum swings left and right, left and right under her small waist, and her shoes tick evenly just like a clock. A man watches her back as she dances past him. He is fascinated by this lovely girl with the long hair and bright green top.

I look up at the street light again, waiting for the green light. Go! I kick off excitedly in order to gain enough momentum to change into a harder gear…



1. Ma. Teresa - June 6, 2008

Amor mio, siempre me sorprendes, porqué no escribes más cosas como ésta? Sabes tienes vena de escritora, me encantas, tambien lo que escribiste sobre las lilas es verdaderamente hermoso. Son cosas tan sencillas pero tan bellas, no desperdicies tu talento. Es interesante tu diario de ejercicios, pero lo es más para tí que para los demás, encambio estos parches poetícos, son valiosos. Felicidades mi amor. te quiero.

2. Aleta - July 1, 2008

Great sketch, Solange! I find myself wanting a few more stoplights…. your descriptions are exquisite!

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