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Lilacs June 4, 2008

Posted by solangek in Levez les yeux!.
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The most heavenly perfume crosses your path in Ottawa during April, May and early June. This is from the lilacs, one of my favourite flowers. They are delicate and dainty, evanescent.
When I was young there was a stand of white, pink and purple lilacs close to the house. I enjoyed going there to smell them, hiding under the boughs with the mosquitoes, flies and spider webs, feeling the flaky bark with my hands. I admired the graceful elbows and wrists of the branches as they zigzagged wildly, in all directions. The leaves, always gracefully poised on their petioles, looked like hands being offered for a kiss.

A lilac dryad would be full of kinks too, with flaky brown skin and gorgeous eyes to match her flowers. Imagine the perfume of her skin. Imagine her lush green hair sprinkled with tiny lilac flowers. Her strangely corkscrewy body would be an interesting contrast to the statuesque elegance of her movements. Her tranquility and her grace as she danced with the wind to the song of spring would enamour everybody lucky enough to see her…



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