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Thank you Miriam! May 29, 2008

Posted by solangek in Gracias! Merci! Thank you!.
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Miriam is my mother’s cousin. I’ve never known her very well but my mother and grandmother often talk about her, saying wonderful things. She inspires a kind of awe in me, I think because I don’t know her very well. She has recently returned from working against AIDS in Africa for the past … few years. She has been doing her master’s degree (or doctorate?) at university too, at the same time. She has just had a beautiful baby, and an operation on her foot, which seems (fingers crossed) to have been successful. She sure has a lot going on. Oh, and she is also a yoga teacher. And she’s pretty. Radiant!

I’m writing about her because last September she asked me to help her polish her French in time for Christmas, and I accepted but… I did not check my email enough; I didn’t get back to her quickly enough and we lost touch. Now I’m worried that she didn’t get her paper because of me, and I disappointed her and perhaps messed things up for her. Hopefully, she followed through with some classes that she was taking at the Alliance Française and got her French in order.

I just wish her the best in her recovery, the best with her baby, and the best in life. I know she is a great mother and will take life by the horns to do graceful acrobatics, just like the Ancient Minoans did with bulls. Miriam is calm, caring, and has a positive attitude like few other people I’ve met. She is a role model for all the stressed out people around them.

Thank you Miriam! You inspire more people that you are aware of…



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