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Dr. Jane Goodall May 27, 2008

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Dr. Jane Goodall

One of the people I admire most (without actually having met her) is my hero, Dr. Jane Goodall. She represents to me many important values: intelligence, compassion, hard work, observation, critical thinking, beauty, leadership…

Remember in school, when your teacher taught you about the difference between humans and animals? In sociology class, they teach us the evolution of the definition of being human. A human can use a tool. Well, Jane showed the world that chimpanzees can also make and use tools, so then we said that a human can love, or have emotions. She showed us that chimpanzees are just as loving as we are. Desperately trying to be “more than animal”, we thaught that if they are good beasts, at least we can be cruel and cunning. But she showed us that just like humans, chimpanzees can be cruel for the sake of being cruel, can gang up and fight wars like the worst of us. Think about that… So where is the famous difference? Some argue that animals don’t actually have emotions: weak people have projected their emotions onto animals to make them seem cute, or more accessible to us. But can you really believe that?

I think that the only people who say that animals don’t have emotions are people who must use them in ways that if they thought that they were hurting animals, they would stop what they were doing; people who must use animals in experiments, or people who must use animals for food. If a person wanted to find a cure for a disease, or a way to save a life and had to somehow use a non-human… it would be traumatizing for them to see all the suffering they inflict. So it is easier to say that animals don’t have feelings.


Jane Goodall sugests that instead of not using animals at all for the advancement of science, it is better to properly treat the ones we do use. The Aztecs treated their human sacrifices wonderfully: choosing only the most beautiful, the strongest, the most pure. Then they fed them the best foods and gave them the best homes and clothes. Why shouldn’t we treat our animal sacrifices the same way, if they are giving us everything and more? It is the least we can do… And that is also my justification for choosing organic meats, eggs and dairy products. Enjoy your food, and let it also enjoy it’s life. It is the least we can give!

So next time you go and buy your eggs and milk, think about the slightly higher price of organic food as a gift back to the animals who give you their best, and to the people who work hard for the health of the earth and the happiness of their animals. Imagine those animals were your children, or that your children were those animals, and you will feel more than justified in choosing organic eggs once in a while.

That is an act of compassion. Imagine all the good you can do around you, and how good you will feel, when little things you do spread compassion around you, reaching far and wide: those eggs might come from around the corner, or the other side of the country. And then the farmer who grows the organic chicken food…


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